In Institutions, there may be fee concession for some categories such as Handicapped students, foreign, nationals, reserved category by the government etc. During Fee creation also, the admin can decide if a particular discount or particular fee is applicable for a category of students or not. While admitting the student, the user will be asked to select under which category the student belongs to (For this in settings module, Student category needed to be added mainly for the discount availability while creating fees). 

                                                                              Fig 1.

We can create new student category by adding a name and save it (as depicted in the screenshot Fig2.).


Student categories can be edited or deleted at any time.

We can Manage the student category as depicted in the Screenshot Fig3.

  1. Click Edit beside the student category that you want to edit, make the necessary changes, and then click the Save button.

  2. Click Delete beside the student category that you want to delete.

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